STEM... What's it all About?!

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 
We've all heard of the importance of these things for society, for life skills, for education. But still so many questions...
"I don't like too much technology... how can I teach children effectively about it without over-using it?"
"How can I implement this in the Early Years or KS1?"
"How does this link with the curriculum?"
"Why are there less girls pursuing STEM careers?!"
and most importantly... "How do I find out more?!"
Here at NurturePlay HQ, we have been following the advancements in STEM throughout National and International curriculum. We have implemented our own resources and conducted Action Research to bring Early Years teachers the best knowledge we can, to help you implement a robust STEM curriculum along with the EYFS, in fact, linking perfectly within it - it's already there, just as STEM explorers are already in your care!
Have a look at our STEM resources and think about booking up some training to find out how this can help you.