Although many of us are kind to the people (and pets!) around us, we often forget to be kind to ourselves.  

When our thoughts become unkind it can be tricky to turn them around. The relentlessness of them drags us down.

That’s where these cards come in!

We all need kindness, and where better to come from than the wisdom of children? Mollie, age 7, tells us that ‘you are even better than a chocolate bar’. Edward, age 6, has the perfect solution to those times when we need a break: ‘imagine that you are flying the bat vehicle’. And Maria, age 7, offers the ultimate compliment: ‘you are shiny like a unicorn’.

It’s impossible to read through these gorgeous words, decorated with brightly coloured happiness, without smiling. 

Keep them on your desk for days when imposter syndrome kicks in, stick them around your mirror to shush your inner-critic, or pop one in your child’s lunchbox each day to spark a midday smile.  

Each card has been lovingly written and decorated by the children of Delaware Primary Academy. And these cards are particularly special, because 30% of proceeds go directly towards our education programme: The Blurt Peer Project.

What’s included?

  • 1 pack of 54 Cards
  • Each card is 64mm x 90mm (the same size as an average pack of cards)
  • Cards feel soft and silky for added shuffle-ability

Kind Cards for Unkind Days

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