Handwriting is a tricky business - when you feel your child is ready to develop their tripod grip, they can find the pencil clumsy and heavy.

These squishy mites are perfect for supporting them. (Instructions are included). You will receive a pack of pencils and ten mites (for use with more than one child, or to have a selection), kept safe in a little jar - perfect for little hands!


Also included is a little guide around different hand grasps.


Fairly traded, this set of 10 rustic wooden assorted coloured pencils are crafted from natural tree branches, of the Tamarind tree.

approx 14cm long
Hand made in Thailand


*Please Note... a child's hand grasp develops naturally, and these are to be used when the hand strength is showing a preference for a pincer-tripod grasp - to further support them. Direct supervision is necessary.

Twig Pencils and Squishy Mites

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