A Day in the Life of a Spindle!

So... we carefully set up provocations, inviting children into play, we know how good it looks! Wow, this looks exciting, inviting, a sensory delight! The children are SURE to see what to do with this... it's clear that the mathematical investigation is right in front of them, go ahead... play... explore, create, measure, weigh, guess, problem solve, collaborate... and so it goes.

Then, half an hour later, they're... scattered. The perfectly inviting learning resources are gone... all over the place in fact. *Sigh*

You see, what we determine as a learning opportunity, perfectly positioned within the curriculum, nestled at the heart of those five learning objectives in this one (sometimes elusive!) 'adult-prepared-but-child-led' play exploration, isn't necessarily the child's intention. Not today anyway!

So, let's put ourselves at the heart of the learning. What IS happening?

It's not maths... or is it? Maybe not as we intended!

One day this week, we observed... followed... monitored. Not the child, but the resource. Some little wooden spindles.

What was THEIR journey?

Well, as you can see in the below video, they certainly travelled, and they certainly appealed to a great many children's interests and senses and drive to explore and investigate.

They were rolled, placed, threaded, towered, counted, moved, shared, imagined... the list goes on.

As you will notice, the children measured length, distance, speed, height. They pushed, threaded and pulled using all important finger skills, strength and manipulation. The children created, placed, decided and imagined. They compared, collaborated and shared.

(Click above image for child-led investigation).

Learning evolves through intention. Not the adults, but the child's.

NurturePlay is passionate about ongoing research and the beauty and adaptability of natural resources placed perfectly in a child's environment. Head on over to view the growing collection of items on offer... maybe like our facebook page or subscribe to our website for more research-related blog pieces.

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"Don't Forget to Play"

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