"Just add water...!"

This week's mini-blog is introduced from the perspective of our three and four year olds...

You will need:

Pestle and Mortar


Rose Petals (dried)

Daisies (foraged)

*important note: leave the dandelions for the bees "it's their first food!"*


"Mix the recipes"...

"What do we do now?"

"Can I have a job? What do you need now?"

"I get some recipes - we need daisies!"

"OK, not the dandelions - they're for the bees"

"More recipes!" (fills wheelbarrow with grass)

"Here's some more recipes!"

"I need two more recipes... I know! JUST ADD WATER!"

Five children. Completely engrossed... wallowing in their experience - together.

They found different processes and roles to adapt to the play and negotiate 'jobs'.

This child-led experience last a little over 50 minutes and was returned to later in the day - no adult lead aside from capturing some magical observation (well, aside from a gentle introduction of the term 'ingredients!')

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