BIG Hearts, Little Pebbles - the magic of mindfulness

These powerful little pebbles have had such a positive impact and we really want to share some heartwarming stories we’ve received. After all, Valentines is just around the corner and as they say… ‘sharing is caring…!’ Click the picture below to find out more!

Initially, these were introduced to support little folk with transitions, giving them something physical to fiddle with, soothe them, fitting into a pocket and roll in their hand. Parents ‘load’ the pebble with love and the child keeps it with them throughout the day.

This serves as a valuable mindfulness tool – shifting focus onto something physical, eradicating anxiety in so many situations.

Another way they have been used, is in classes, whereby a pebble is given to somebody at the end of the day – an act of compassion and gratefulness from the teacher for a kind action or personal step forward for a child. They are then allowed to take the pebble home for the night, to share with their family the wonderful act they have done for someone else. The pebble is returned in the morning.

However, very soon, the properties of this little resource began to spread…

One lady bought one to gift to a friend who was feeling low and wanted to show her some compassion and have her be reminded that she was being thought about. Her friend was so touched, that she bought a dozen more to give to family and friends for Christmas – much better than chocolate!

I myself gave one to my daughter, to act as a mindful reminder when she was anxious over SATs week – worked a trick! We have had more accounts of them being used for children undertaking their GCSEs.

Here are a few more accounts of how they have been used…

“my son (9)… straightaway claimed the pebble and has not yet returned it - he LOVES it! Today is day 2 of having it in his pocket, he finds rubbing it on his cheek very comforting. He attends Relax Kids at school and was excited to show the class leader as he is so proud of it.”

“My daughter is having a hard time in school at the moment and is being picked on pretty regularly to the extent that she feels she needs to hide in the toilets at school at lunchtime. It's rubbish. I hate it. This morning I gave her my heart stone… and told her that it was my love and that it would be with her all day, and that if she felt sad or angry, she could rub it or hold it and know I loved her. She had a good day today. I'm going to order a huge sackfull of these little beauties and share that love out far and wide.”

Click the heart to take you to the Nurture Nest!

“My eldest isn't the best sleeper and struggles to settle at bedtime without us staying upstairs with him. I gave him 'my heart' and every night this week he has settled by himself and slept through - apart from a little blip the first night when he lost it so we were on a stone hunt at 3am!”

Thank you for the feedback! If you fancy getting your hands on one of these little treasures, you can find them in our Nurture Nest

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