Training TRULY Tailored to YOU!

OK, let's face it... training is expensive. Attending training is costly in time ...and time is definitely money in Early Years!

Now, what if I told you that, we have thought long and hard about how to help settings train their entire team and feel ready and resourced to commence with projects? Would this be a more attractive solution for you and your setting?


We have put together an affordable three-tiered option for training your team on controversial and pedagogical projects. We aim to keep these relevant by cross-referencing topics and themes with the following aspects:

Learning Theory

Practical Activities

Team discussion tools / audit / starting points

Resources for parents

Activity Ideas

Extra resource Signposting

Links to SSTEW Scales (where appropriate)

Policy recommendations

Our packages start with an 'Off the Shelf' resource - designed for leaders to deliver to their own staff team. This includes a Powerpoint presentation, guidance for activities you can combine into your training along with resources to accompany embedding the knowledge into a new project, with tips and resources to help get parents on board! If you are feeling confident, this could be all you need to get your entire team starting a project from the same page!

Our next package includes the training detailed above, and also includes a 'Nurture Kit'. This is a sackful of resources and items to really get your project going. This will encompass a variety of learning and development goals, along with behaviour and loose parts to extend and provoke learning.

Our all-encompassing package, includes all of the above, along with a visit to our Early Years HQ, where you will be invited for a morning's training session, to deliver the training and be our guests (with free nibbles and refreshments!) what's more... for every practitioner / delegate you would like to bring with you, the cost is only £25! Alternatively, we are able to travel to deliver our workshops 'in-house' at a cost, do get in contact if you feel you would prefer this option.

We have kept pricing as competitive as possible, if you would like to book training or order a package, or would simply like any more information, please do get in touch!

Off the Shelf Training Resource


OtST + Nurture Kit


Training Morning